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Where can I park?

STREET PARKING ONLY. We do not have access to a parking lot. Please respect our neighboring businesses and find street parking.

What is a crumpet?

A crumpet is a yeasted griddle cake. The batter, consisting of flour, water, active dry yeast, sugar, salt, and baking powder, is cooked on a flat top in ring molds then cooled on wire racks. Once cooled, crumpets are then toasted, buttered, and topped with sweet or savory spreads. You do not slice crumpets in half. All of our crumpets are served open-faced style with the toppings piled on.

Are your crumpets Vegan/Gluten-Free?

Our crumpet recipe is vegan. It is not gluten-free. 

Do you take reservations?

No. Our seating area is limited (11 seats). Due to this we cannot take reservations. 

Do you offer specials?

Yes! We try to offer a different special every weekend. Often we collaborate with other local businesses. Check out our social media @thecrumpetlady for the most current deliciousness.

Do you make the spreads?

All of the jams, marmalades, curds, and clotted cream are made in-house.

When will you have ________ again?

If you would like to ensure a topping is available, submit a pre-order form. Please give at least 48-hours notice.


441 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14607